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Passenger Safety and Vehicle Consideration

Passenger safety tops the list of importance when considering transportation investments for your church. Most churches cannot afford a potential lawsuit due to accidents caused by vehicles that do not meet basic safety standards; safety should be the heaviest factor weighed in the purchase or lease decision. A well-constructed bus is a good step toward that end, but it's only half the solution—the other half is a safe and reliable bus driver.

Churches need to be aware of the problems arising from bus drivers that may have alcohol or drug related problems, or lack dependability. An inexpensive driver is cost effective until the first incident.

And an "incident" is not necessarily a collision or accident. An incident does not have to cause fatalities or physical injury for litigation to ensue. Sliding into ditches or swerving into traffic can cause passenger shock, trauma, or other psychological-related problems that could involve your church and its officials in a lawsuit.

Vehicle Budget: Ask any parent if they would permit their child to ride in a junker and they'll answer emphatically, "NO!" The very same reason to build a sensible budget for a safe vehicle applies for all passengers.

How much does a safe vehicle cost?

Best Church Bus provides a simple member form to fill that will allow members to gain access to prices on most vehicles in our inventory. This should assist your Board of Directors when budgeting for your vehicle acquisition.

When deciding on a bus for your church, decide first whether you want a smaller bus that doesn't require a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Non-CDL vehicles are limited to 14 passengers plus the driver. Make sure you have a reliable driver for the vehicle. A standard automobile license (plus insurance, of course) is the only legal requirement for driving these vehicles.

If you need to carry more than 14 passengers at once, you'll need access to a driver with a Commercial Vehicle Driver's License and, a larger bus.

Ford Transit, Glaval, Prime-Time, and Turtle Top all make safe and reliable transportation worthy of being called "church buses."


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