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The Terra Transport XL by Turtle Top

The Terra Transport XL is the perfect alternative to the traditional large passenger van. The generously sized passenger section has room for 18 passengers, or 15 passengers and increased storage space. Plus, the G-Cut General Motors chassis provides increased comfort and safety without sacrificing maneuverability. Terra Transport XL is truly the small bus that handles like a van.


  • Exterior Height: 9-ft, 2-in
  • Exterior Width: 8-ft, 3/4-in
  • Interior Height: 6-ft, 3-in
  • Interior Width: 6-ft, 7-in
  • Door Width: 2-ft, 5-in
  • Ground to 1st Step: 1-ft
  • Overall Length: 23-ft


  • High Quality GM 3500 chassis
  • 15–18 passenger alternative*
  • Low, wide enclosed entrance
  • Wide aisle with interior headroom
  • Wide wheel base stance for road stability
  • Flexible floor plans, including wheelchair capability
  • Meets and exceeds FMVSS regulations
  • Altoona tested
  • Steel roll cage with school bus roll over crush test
  • CDL license not required in most states** with 15 seats
  • The most storage in its class

    * 18 seats is the maximum possible occupancy in this class.

    ** 15 and under do not require CDL in most states. 16 passengers and above do require a Commercial Driver's License.


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